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   I had a Japanese Red Maple,
which is still alive

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Hillary | Muslims are peaceful and tolerant

My Money

I was forced to put my money into Social Security...by Democrats
Democrats and others dipped into my money in Social Security, and they continue to do so.
I invested money in the market, and it grew.
Democrats harm a lot of people, but it is never their fault.
It is the Republican's fault that they can't repeal Obamacare.


Hillary | Muslims are peaceful and tolerant

and... have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism

Google search verifies Hillary tweet; click link above


Countless Democrats were complicit in this thinking


Neil Gorsuch Ignored

Neil Gorsuch ignored
By Chuck Schumer
By Nancy Pelosi

Neil Gorsuch




Easter | April 16, 2017

Provide some memories

We have a large lighted cross where I live
It's about forty feet tall, and it's been turned on at Christmas and Easter


The Easter Shop


The Tank Man

The Tank Man


Freedom Caucus

The conservative members' demands include the repeal of allowing kids to stay on their parents insurance until 26 and a ban on pre-existing conditions in addition to a repeal of the Essential Benefits Package, or ESP, which includes insurance coverage requirements such as maternity care, hospital care, mental health services and emergency care. The White House wouldn't budge on the pre-existing conditions and insurance until 26, but offered allowing the states the option to remove the ESPs.


Drudge Report | Freedom Caucus and others will vote NO on American Health Care Act

There may or may not be a vote on Friday, March 24, 2017



Trump Ultimatum

Current Healthcare Law

EMTALA More...click the link

No pre-existing condition rejections
No subsidies/tax credits
No annual or lifetime limits
No deductibles
The Freedom Caucus, a group in the House, did not approve the American Health Care Act today. So, further action will take place in the future.
Those, who are concerned about their healthcare, are able to get healthcare under EMTALA.


Easter 2017




Neil Gorsuch

Neil Gorsuch has been nominated to become a SCOTUS Justice
President Donald Trump nominated him as a replacement for Justice Antonin Scalia

@SenSchumer is Chuck Schumer's Twitter Account


The Rest of the Story


McConnell Holds Key to Repeal and Replace Obamacare

McConnell can use the nuclear option

 Click here to see the conversation



Pre-existing Conditions

Pre-existing conditions and healthcare are covered by law.  https://www.facebook.com/wolfie.wolf.58/posts/1369245503121624
People who have Obamacare and have pre-existing conditions, won't lose healthcare. They may lose insurance, but they can still get healthcare.
There is a difference between health insurance and healthcare.

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Click EMTALA link above to view presentation


St Patrick's Day

St Patrick's day is March 17, which is next Friday
Here's a link on Wikipedia about St Patrick
Special Mention
Mary Littleton Masters
on Facebook
is Irish


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Obama Democrats Hillary

The news today

Trump says Obama wiretapped him. There will be investigation.
My bet is; Trump knows what he is talking about.
Obama has been sued, and can be sued again.