There Are Two Sides to a 'Story'

IQ 102
Muslim Brotherhood his top advisor

Excerpt from his IPCC statement November 30, 2015

This summer I saw the effects of climate change first hand in Alaska, where the sea is already swallowing villages and eroding shorelines ... where glaciers are melting a a pace unprecedented in modern times.
It was a preview of one possible future: our children’s fate ...
That future is not one of strong economies, nor of one where fragile states can find their footing. That future is one we have the power to change. Right here. Right now. 
I was born near Ayersville, Ohio. I went to a church near there, which was located on a road called 'the south ridge'. The road is elevated above adjacent land. The adjacent land has a reddish hue, when it has been tilled, but the redness fades as the distance from the ridge increases. There are small rocks and debris in the red area.
There was once a glacier there, and as it melted and refroze, it would push up ridges.
I definitely believe that there was climate change. I doubt that the end result was harmful.
There was once a glacier, which is now productive farm land. 

Cities swallowed by the sea; Google knows everything 

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Facebook Page Visit

For Joseph Guerra

I was looking for the names of the Irving, Texas city council, who voted against a resolution to reject 'foreign law'.
I read that the names and addresses of Muslims...Breitbart.. in Irving, Texas had been published.
I did find the names of the Muslims. It is redacted, and the link to the names and addresses of the Muslims didn't work.
The leader of the protest: Facebook page.
BAIR has a Facebook page. It is an organization created by the Irving, Texas protest leader.

But the crowd repeatedly applauded and cheered at the remarks of council members who voted against the endorsement — John Danish, Allan Meagher, Joe Putnam and Dennis Webb.
These are the four who voted in favor of the Muslims. More details; phone numbers, etc.

Google search: This post

Irving Texas Mayor Rejects 'Foriegn Law'

*Barry won't help...he's too busy with climate control...and he takes advice from the Muslim Brotherhood.*

Posted by Wolfie Wolf on Sunday, November 29, 2015


Barry's IQ: 102 | Empire News: Satire

President Obama Scores 102 On IQ Test, Lowest In Presidential History Empire News: Satire

Since Woodrow Wilson took office in 1913, all presidents have been given an IQ test at some point during their time as leader. Gerald Ford always held the record for lowest score, with a 111, which is considered just slightly above average. On the other end of the spectrum, George W. Bush scored a 132, which is considered ‘gifted.’

Barry's IQ could be mitigated, if he could/would use the intellect of people around him, but he doesn't, or shouldn't.
One of Barry's top advisors is the Muslim Brotherhood, which could explain why Barry said that ISIS is jayvee.
If you were the Muslim Brotherhood, would you prefer talking about ISIS, or climate change, in Paris on Monday?

Google search: scroll down

Climatologist Judith A. Curry 'tossed out of the tribe'


 "Curry 2006 200dpi". Licensed under Attribution via Wikimedia Commons

"I was tossed out of the tribe" The Spectator - 1 day ago

The 'IPCC' is not tolerant of all scientific views; no matter how credible. Time will tell, and the IPCC will have no control over it.

Meanwhile, the obsessive focus on CO2 as the driver of climate change means other research on natural climate variability is being neglected. For example, solar experts believe we could be heading towards a ‘grand solar minimum’ — a reduction in solar output (and, ergo, a period of global cooling) similar to that which once saw ice fairs on the Thames. ‘The work to establish the solar-climate connection is lagging.’
The IPCC and others have shown/are showing, their unscientific opinions, and pretend that they know something, which they really do not know with certainty.

Google search: Scroll down


Climatologist: Dr. Judith A. Curry Ph.D.

 "Curry 2006 200dpi". Licensed under Attribution via Wikimedia Commons - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Curry_2006_200dpi.jpg#/media/File:Curry_2006_200dpi.jpg

Wikipedia Article

Excerpt from article:

The definition of ‘dangerous’ climate change is ambiguous, and hypothesized catastrophic tipping points are regarded as very or extremely unlikely in the 21st century. Efforts to link dangerous impacts of extreme weather events to human-caused warming are misleading and unsupported by evidence. Climate change is a ‘wicked problem’ and ill-suited to a ‘command and control’ solution. It has been estimated that the U.S. national commitments to the UN to reduce emissions by 28% will prevent three hundredths of a degree centigrade in warming by 2100... The articulation of a preferred policy option in the early 1990’s by the United Nations has marginalized research on broader issues surrounding climate variability and change and has stifled the development of a broader range of policy options. We need to push the reset button in our deliberations about how we should respond to climate change. We should expand the frameworks for thinking about climate policy and provide a wider choice of options in addressing the risks from climate change. As an example of alternative options, pragmatic solutions have been proposed based on efforts to accelerate energy innovation, build resilience to extreme weather, and pursue no regrets pollution reduction. Each of these measures has justifications independent of their benefits for climate mitigation and adaptation. Robust policy options that can be justified by associated policy reasons whether or not human caused climate change is dangerous avoids the hubris of pretending to know what will happen with the 21st century climate.[21]
See this post in Google search results:  https://www.google.com/search?q=Climatology&rls=com.microsoft:en-US:IE-SearchBox&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&sourceid=ie7&gws_rd=ssl#q=Climatology+Judith+A.+Curry


Civilized - Civilization

Civilized - Civilization

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

1:19 PM



: marked by well-organized laws and rules about how people behave with each other Democrats use Senate rules to allow sanctuary cities and to defeat 'Kate's' law. Laws that 'the people' in the US favor, are defeated. The outlook for Obamacare is poor.


: polite, reasonable, and respectful: Barry?


: pleasant and comfortable: Barry?

Full Definition of CIVILIZED



:  characteristic of a state of civilization ; especially :  characterized by taste, refinement, or restraint Barry? 

A civilized society must respond to crime with fairness and justice. Refugees are a potential terrorist threat. Is the issue treated with fairness and Justice? I think not.

Stop yelling. We have to be more civilized about this. Barry?

Try to act like a civilized human being! Barry?

a civilized way to spend the evening

Barry? All the above?






: the condition that exists when people have developed effective ways of organizing a society and care about art, science, etc. Is Barry's 'spread the wealth around', an advanced way of organizing a society? Climate change: a science, or a political strategy? Does Obama care about art, science, etc.?


: a particular well-organized and developed society Switzerland


: all the societies of the world: Christians, Atheists, Muslims, Socialists, Communists, Capitalists


Full Definition of CIVILIZATION




a :  a relatively high level of cultural and technological development; specifically :  the stage of cultural development at which writing and the keeping of written records is attained The internet.  Barry has been able to hide his records


b :  the culture characteristic of a particular time or place: Greece, Rome, Crusades, The American Revolution, The French Revolution, US Civil War, The great depression, Hitler, Barry




:  the process of becoming civilized  Barry born to Obama Sr. and a slut. Early education in a Muslim school in Indonesia. Higher education in uncivilized surroundings. Pot smoking in Occidental. Uncivilized student companions. Attracted to Marxists at Columbia. Was president of the Harvard Law Review, but was mediocre in achievements at Harvard.





a :  refinement of thought, manners, or taste  Barry learned to dress well, and is well groomed. Barry stutters and stammers. 


b :  a situation of urban comfort  Present: Washington DC, sanctuary city, ISIS threatens to bomb the White House.




culture, life, lifestyle, society Barry likes to play golf, celebrates Ramadan in the White House, appoints and leans toward Muslims, has a low job performance rating. Appears to treat his daughters and family well. Spends other people's money excessively.


barbarianism, barbarism, philistinism Barry is a barbarian in my opinion; 14 year old US citizen killed by drone strike. 93 million people in the US believe that he is a Muslim.



Synonymsculture, life, lifestyle, societyAntonymsbarbarianism, barbarism, philistinism



Related Wordscustoms, manners, mores, values; folklore, heritage, legacy, tradition; subculture, subsocietyNear Antonymsignorance, illiteracy; parochialism, provincialism, rusticity, unsophistication; boorishness, churlishness, clownishness, coarseness, crudeness, vulgarity Who would you say is more civilized; Winston Churchill or Barry?

Related Words

Near Antonyms



Barbarians vs Civilization

Click to enlarge
Suicide bomber detained in Gaza
His belt is on the left
Cartoon of suicide bomber trying to enter Israel
Suicide bombers are barbarians


Obama SET FREE the merciless terrorist warlord now leading the ISIS horde

Did you know that Obama set Abu Bakr al Baghdadi free? This was reported June 13, 2014 
Abu Bakr al Baghdadi is the leader of ISIS.
Obama wasn't punished then, and he continues to release Guantanamo prisoners to this day.
In this case Obama was on the side of terrorists, and society was harmed.

Putin | Military Action | Reuters

I would call the Russian actions effective, robust, severe blow to ISIS, and unafraid.


Jeff Sessions | Obama Hiding Terrorist Info

Sessions: Obama is hiding the immigration history of 72 terrorists

This fight is changing some Democrat minds.

Obama may be trying to close Guantanamo, trying to use an executive order to do so, but his actions may bring growing opposition from Democrats, in addition to Republican opposition.
A vote to successfully override his veto of the Guantanamo bill would be refreshing.

NBC: "Trump Blasted for Muslim Remarks"

"Trump, speaking to an NBC News reporter"
NBC tries to pin what their reporter said, on Trump.
There is a legitimate question about whether that reporter attempted to set up or trick Trump.
Trump, "I didn't suggest a database-a reporter did. We must defeat Islamic terrorism & have surveillance, including a watch list, to protect America."
In other words, Trump disagrees with NBC and their reporter.
NBC does have a dog in this fight.


US House Votes 289-137 to Halt Syrian Refugee Resettlement Program

Barry says he will veto the bill.

The bill has a veto proof majority and 47 Democrats joined Republicans in voting against the measure. It is unclear if the Senate will take up the measure after they return from Thanksgiving recess.

Trending | Ben Stein: President Obama Has a 'Real Strong Hatred of America'

"Real Strong Hatred of America" 

TrendingBen SteinObama has a deep hatred for America

Posted by Wolfie Wolf on Thursday, November 19, 2015


Francois Hollande Laughed | Netanyahu

Netanyahu gets the last laugh

Syrian 'Refugees'

Barry the Messiah and His Minions Are Confident That These 'Refugees' Won't Harm Us
Has Barry Ever Been Wrong?
 More Governors Seek to Ban Syrian Refugees After Paris Massacre


Syrian refugees | Thanks Governors

Thanks Michigan and Alabama for refusing Syrian refugees. You are protecting the security of the 'people' in your states.
Other states should follow their example. Time is of the essence. Delaying action will allow Barry, Kerry, and Hillary to put the citizens of USA in harms way.
Where are you governor Christie?
I live in Pennsylvania; where are you Tom Wolf?
If 26 states can get an injunction to stop Barry's immigration actions, then 'Syrian refugees' can be refused.
As Forest Gump would say; that's all I've got to say about that.

Governor Abbott refuses 'Syrian refugees'
BREAKING: 5 states (IN, TX, LA, AR, MI, and AL) will refuse to accept refugees from the Syrian Civil War.
Where are you Chris Christie...Tom Wolf?
Arizona has been added to a list I just saw.


Very laudable. All States ought to follow suit in our attempt to save the USA from these invaders. We have ENOUGH problems as they are and adding one more is just insanity.
I just looked this up...I had no idea!
There are currently 31 Republicans, 18 Democrats, and one independent that hold the office of governor in the states.
Tom Wolf says Pennsylvania will continue to accept Syrian refugees as other states refuse, I'm going to tweet it.

Trump 2016 liked and retweeted my tweet

  Pennsylvania citizen...Michigan and Alabama refuse 'Syrian refugees. Where are you?


But by The Grace of God; it Could Have Been You


We have sanctuary cities, which protect criminals in the USA.
We have a president and people like Heather Fong, who are not interested in security of 'the people.
We have Democrats, who go in lock step with threats to security, in the USA.


Social Security is Not So Secure

Almost everyone is aware of Democrat stealing.
Rostenkowski (D) was a Democrat thief. Democrats stole money from the Post Office for their own personal use. Rostenkowski went to jail.
A Google search will verify this.
Some stealing from Social Security took place recently.

Democrat votes made the stealing possible.


Democrats Don't Vote Against Sanctuary Cities

Click to enlarge
Three good reasons for Democrats to vote against sanctuary cities

Add Kate Stanley to these three

The President Has a Duty to Enforce the Law

Obama may be a 'Mere Piker', but this article points out that he has a duty to enforce the law; not modify it with executive orders.

There’s also a grant of "executive power" in Article II, Section 1, Clause 1 of the U.S. Constitution, as well as a requirement" (in Article II, Section 3, Clause 5) that the executive branch "take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed." Executive orders are valid so long as they don’t violate other provisions and rights.

The constitution: "take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed."

An executive order to by pass Congress's 'law' is a violation of the constitution, which says: "the executive branch" "take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed."


Ryan to Obama: "You can't close Guantanamo"

"Paul Ryan Serves Warning to Obama: 'He Can't' Close Guantanamo"

A battle is brewingKing George III acted like ObamaHouse-390 votes; Senate 91 votesObama should not be able to overrule the House and the Senate
Posted by Wolfie Wolf on Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Josh Earnest: "Obama won't veto NDAA 2016"

He may try to close Guantanamo some other way.
Listen! Does Josh Earnest ever mention what the US citizens want?
It sounds like the Senators and Representatives votes don't count either.

Senate Votes 91-3 for NDAA

Appeals Court Rules Against Obama Immigration Plan

I thought the 5th Circuit Court would delay this decision. Now, let's see how long it will take to get a final decision.
Posted by Wolfie Wolf on Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Democrats | Sanctuary Cities

Click to enlarge
"Fong is currently an assistant secretary for state and local law enforcement at the Department of Homeland Security."

Democrats | Sanctuary Cities

Posted by Wolfie Wolf on Monday, November 9, 2015



Bob Hope | 1940 Video

Clint Eastwood deserves credit for standing up for Republicans today.


Rush Limbaugh | Progressive Caller

The link above contains a transcript of a progressive caller talking to Rush.
A lot of people agree with Rush's thinking.

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    Barry Veto | Override in House Possible

    I'm posting this because of the vote count; 370-58, and that an override of a veto is possible in the House. The Senate will vote next week. We'll have to wait to see whether an override of a veto might be possible in the Senate.
    It would be precious to see a veto overridden.
    There is not a president that deserves an override vote more than Barry does.

    The Senate passed the bill, and Obama signed it.

    You can comment here or here