From Each According to His Means | To Each According to His Needs

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  1. Communism, Progressives, Socialists, Obamacare, etc. kill the dignity of labor, value of hard work, initiative, pride of achievement and the continuous pursuit of bettering one's lot. Everyone should paddle their own canoe and not be dependent on anybody's fruits of labor.
  2. clinging ivy,
    George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, or Thomas Jefferson could not have said it better.


Republicans in government are abandoning capitalism and leaning toward communism

O'Reilly Video: The Decline of American Power, part 2

This won't appear in the main stream media

Posted by Wolfie Wolf on Friday, May 29, 2015


What/When Obama, Hillary, and Susan Rice Knew About Benghazi

And...what did the snake oil salesman do? He, Hillary, and Susan Rlce tried to mislead the American people.

Posted by Wolfie Wolf on Saturday, May 23, 2015


Convention of States | Observations

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"...So, the premise is, if we can get 100 people to call their state legislator on this issue, and we can get our message delivered to 75 percent of the legislators in 40 states, we can win.”
I have contacted my two US senators, my US congressman, and my two legislators in Pennsylvania, to support a Convention of States Article V Convention. 
The charts, above and below, were created using actual values from the FEC financial reports filed by the Tea Party Leadership Fund, Tea Party Patriots, Madison Project, Sarah Palin’s PAC, and the Tea Party Express; from January 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014. To be clear, these numbers are exactly what each organization reported without manipulation or modification.
Mark Meckler, formerly associated with Tea Party Patriots, solicited donations. About 90% of donations to Tea Party Patriots are classified as expenses. In the case of Tea Party Patriots, we are talking about $10 million.
Some groups care more about taking your money, and making it their own.
You can support an Article V Convention of States by simply contacting your legislators. No donations are solicited.


Obama: A Cold, Ruthless, Dishonest Schemer | Wore Muslim Clothes

If this is picked up by search engines, I'll report it.
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Grooveshark Shut Down | Downloaded Spotify

Spotify attemped to access my computer, but Windows Firewall blocked them.
Hackers use open ports, which are holes in a firewall.
If Windows Firewall had not blocked Spotify, or if I made a mistake and allowed Spotify access, I would have enabled hacking.
The following might be helpful.

Note the path at the top; Control Panel/System and Security/Windows Firewall/ Allowed Programs
Spotify .exe is not checked
Windows Firewall blocked them
Here's an enlarged view of the same thing:

If programs can access your computer, they can allow others to see what's on your computer. They can use your computer to send spam, or whatever they wish, while it's connected to the internet.