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God Bless the USA-Lee Greenwood

There were those who had a purpose greater than themselves. There are also those whose purpose is themselves.


Spending has put the USA in Crisis Mode


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – May 27, 2011 –
Here’s another perspective on US Federal Government spending.
I was born in 1930. We did not have Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. We did have poor houses, and I believe they called it public assistance. Those in need could get a bag of edible food from the local government. Those who accepted public assistance were looked down upon.
There was no Federal Department of Education, Department of Energy, Small Business Administration, Securities & Exchange Commission, Peace Corps, Office of Personnel Management, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Consumer Product Safety Commission, Drug Enforcement Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Aviation Administration, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Federal Communications Commission, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Federal Election Commission, Federal Emergency Management Agency, National Aeronautics & Space Administration, National Endowment for the Arts, National Endowment for the Humanities,  National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,National Security Agency, Voice of America, and last but not least; The Social Security Administration.
So, I have lived through the time when public spending has skyrocketed and personal freedom has been diminished. 
Who is to blame for all this spending? It’s not Republicans and Democrats; it’s the voters who voted them in. It’s the “takers” who vote for politicians who say that they will give them something, and the country is on the edge of a cliff as a result. Politicians have convinced the majority of the voters that we need every dime of spending on everything mentioned above, and that anyone who tries to cut anything will be voted out. There was an election in New York recently. The winner supported spending. The voters supported spending in that particular case.
    “Obama found himself on the wrong side of public opinion with the policies he put in place after his election in 2008. The public wasn’t ready for the amount of spending he pushed through to deal with the recession.” Washington Post
The country as we know it may fold. The final result may be ugly.
I love this country; not as it is, but as it once was.