Wolfman Report: Lessons From Wisconsin


Wisconsin Legislators Leave State to Prevent Vote
One of the behaviors in this event has been for the Democrat legislators to leave the state.
There are a number of things that could be done about it. More legislation could take place. New rules could be made in the legislature. The Democrats could and should be voted out of office. I’m suggesting the last remedy.
We have a democratic republic. The behavior of leaving the state or country should not be tolerated. Suppose that the Democrats in the House would leave the country as the budget cuts are being debated by the Republicans in the House. I call this, practice of leaving, hijacking the democratic republic type of government. I’m not suggesting that individual legislators be voted out, I’m suggesting that the Democrat party be voted out, as they have been in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin assembly is majority Republican, the Wisconsin Senate is majority Republican, and the governor is a Republican. The Republicans should be allowed to stop the behavior of obstructing lawmaking by Democrats leaving the state. If enough Democrats are voted out, super majorities can prevail. This is where the Republicans are at a disadvantage in Wisconsin. If they only had one more Republican in the Senate, they would have the necessary numbers for a quorum.

The Next Election is Vital
In the case of Wisconsin, the Democrats have been voted out, but not enough of them have been voted out. If the percentage of Democrats can be lowered enough, their behavior will have consequences.
In the case of the Federal government, our goal should be a Republican president, and 2/3 thirds majorities in Congress. If Democrats continue disapproved  behavior, it will be possible.

WI Assembly GOP Passes Walker Budget In Surprise Vote -- Dems Chant "Shame!"


Food Prices-Carbon Emissions

Food prices screen shot
Scottsdale Arizona – February 2, 2011 –
Carbon Emission Control Equals Increased Prices
The food prices in the United States have already gone up.
Part of the reason for the rioting in Egypt is increased food prices.
There's a link to the screen shot under the screen shot. The results show
that Japan and Russia oppose "Kyoto Protocol".
The world is wising up to the program instituted by the United Nations and supported by Obama and Soros.
The United Nations, Soros, Al Gore, and many others profit at the expense of ordinary people. They are parasites on society. They suck up wealth while people riot.
Developed nations abandon Kyoto Protocol
    “Climate Change experts believe the main problem is the inability of the US Administration to make a meaningful commitment to cut its country’s emissions to an adequate extent because it is now clear that congress will not adopt a comprehensive climate bill.” “ Worse Russia and Japan have openly stated they do not want to continue with the Kyoto Protocol while Australia, New Zealand and Canada among others have also be reluctant to commit to Kyoto’s second period because the US is not in it and major developing countries do not have to join the binding disciplines. This leaves the European Union which says it prefers to shift to a new system too but is still open to remaining in Kyoto if others do. Only Norway has said firmly it agrees to the second Kyoto period.”
So, Obama is using the EPA to control emissions in Texas. The world is against Kyoto Protocol. Congress is against Kyoto Protocol. Obama is for carbon emission control at any cost. A big question is; why?
Obama has been connected to CCX for years. CCX is the Chicago Climate Exchange.