Kudos to MSNBC

MSNBC has had a series of “Questions”. Two of the latest questions have been:
  1. “Is it OK for Congress to mandate that all Americans must purchase health insurance?”

  2. “House Republican Leader John Boehner described the Obama administration's health care overhaul as a 'monstrosity.' Do you agree or disagree?”

    “Is it OK for Congress to mandate that all Americans must purchase health insurance?”

    “Total of 59,698 votes”

    “No, as the Virginia judge ruled, the mandate is unconstitutional.”
    “43,572 votes”
    “Yes, it is well within the right of Congress to do so, as other judges have ruled.”
    “13,085 votes”
    “House Republican Leader John Boehner described the Obama administration's health care overhaul as a 'monstrosity.' Do you agree or disagree?”
    “Agree. The plan should be repealed.”
    “19,837 votes”
    “Disagree. It’s a good plan.”
    “14,125 votes”
I’m biased, but I really like these figures. More especially, I like the large samples. These numbers mean more to me than a 1000 person sample by professional pollsters.
I looked for an author, but didn’t find one. Somebody at MSNBC deserves credit for his work, and his supporting staff deserves credit. I remember similar questions 6 months ago, which I posted on Facebook. I don’t know whether I can go back on Facebook and find them, or perhaps they could be found on a Google search. I liked confronting comments from the low percentage groups with the results from the high percentage groups. One person discounted the MSNBC results as unscientific. As I said earlier, I have more faith in a 50,000 person sample than I do in a 1000 person poll.
If you go to either “Question”, and scroll down to the end of the “short comment results”; you will find “More recent questions” to explore.


Give Me Your Tired and Your Poor; Warning! If You Are Rich, Stay Away

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We should put a warning sign somewhere near the statue of liberty, or on the statue of liberty; Warning! If You Are Rich Stay Away.
This country is possessed with wealth redistribution. Why not be truthful about it?
The president  is a devotee of wealth redistribution. Congress was committed to wealth redistribution. They have hit a bit of a snag though. The voters rejected some Democrats November 2,  2010. I don’t think the Supreme Court has reached that point, but they did approve of the confiscation of property in the Kelo case in New London Connecticut. Finally, a major segment of the population supports wealth redistribution.
Obama gave us Obamacare, which the “rich” are supposed to pay for, and there are other things, which he has in mind.
Congress recently wanted to take some “rich” peoples money to build a memorial to John Murtha. $10 million earmark for “John P. Murtha Foundation” There were tons of earmarks in that bill, and I believe some Republican earmarks. Thank God Senator Spector is gone, he utilized earmarks.
If I was in a foreign country and had wealth, I would think twice about moving to the United States.
If I was wealthy, like some of the Rockefellers, I would be considering moving out of the United States. Many of the oil companies have already left the United States, and Ford has moved many operations overseas. Ford recently moved a factory in Michigan overseas.
The last place I would want to settle in in the United States is New York, California, or Michigan. I have mentioned only three, but there are more places I would not go.
Ohio, Illinois, and North Carolina are in financial trouble. California is a basket case. The private sector is being fleeced by the Democrats in government, so what does the public do? They put a Democrat fleecer in charge; Jerry Brown. California had a $800,000 Democrat city administrator in Bell, California. I had to dig to find out that all the city officials in Bell, California are Democrats. The city administrator is gone, but the huge benefit liability to public employees in state government remains. It doesn’t take a genius to figure these things out; I’m a Dumbass. It will be interesting or disturbing to watch how these things work out.


True Story About a $1 Poinsettia



My Son, Who Lives In The Same House As We Do, Bought This Poinsettia In December 2009

12-12-2010 (1)

Here Is A Picture Of The Same Plant In December 2010


The plant kept the original leaves until October of 2010. Then the old leaves began to deteriorate and fall off. At about the same time, new green leaves started to turn red.

We did nothing about the plant’s exposure to light. We did not try to make it bloom. It bloomed unassisted.

All the old leaves are gone, and all the red leaves in the most recent picture are new leaves.

This is a brand new experience for me. It’s the first time in my life that I have ever watched new blooms appear on a poinsettia. I get attached to plants as I watch them.

The red in the leaves is so vivid, and so beautiful.

We have five other “perfect” poinsettias in our house, but this one is my favorite. It is also my wife’s favorite, and she too considers it as a gift from God.

I think of Ronald Reagan, who would marvel at God’s gifts, when he was viewing nature on his ranch in California, while riding horseback. This plant was truly God’s gift to me and our family at this Christmas.

I’m writing this so that you too can share in God’s gift.




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Scottsdale, Arizona – December 8, 2010 –

David Axelrod was on Fox News this morning. He said that Obama’s decision to allow tax cuts for the rich was not a political decision. He said that it was an economic decision. I say that Axelrod was spouting a convenient position for Obama and himself. Axelrod went on to say that the decision was an economic decision and implied that it was a decision for the present; not the future. Then he went on to say, “It should not be part of the 2012 political campaign.” He revealed that his real reason was an attempt to derail criticism of Obama during the upcoming campaign.

First of all, Axelrod’s statement was dishonest. A decision to not tax the rich is clearly a political decision as well as an economic decision. But, it gets back to redistribution of income, and that is more political than economic. This is another case of a socialist hiding from his own beliefs. He truly wants to tax the rich, but will do anything or say anything to hide his beliefs. That is dishonest and dishonorable.

There will be some, whose mind will succumb to this debauchery. They will blindly follow attempts to make socialism and freebies superior. They the non competitive, non capitalistic, and tax the rich bunch will cover up their schemes at any price. They should be treated like what they are; non competitive, dishonest, and dishonorable.

We’ve started on the road to derailing the “spread the wealth around” “tax the rich” scheme. Hopefully the movement will accelerate. I will do everything within my power to defeat Obama and the Democrats in the next two years. I will extol the virtues of capitalism and competition. Hopefully, I will not hide from my beliefs, make untrue or misleading statements.

Finally, the future of the working groups in the United States are at a critical point. They can elect leaders , who are capitalists and believe in competition. Or, they can elect Obama types. I strongly believe the Obama types can bring about the death of our nation. I believe the United States must compete with the rest of the world, or become destitute.


Axelrod scammed Chicago residents.



Wolfman Report: December 7, 2010

Computer 570

Scottsdale, Arizona – December 7, 2010 –
Old Computer
Intel Pentium 4 Processor/760 MB RAM/ 30 GB Hard Drive
New Computer
Dell Inspiron Desktop / AMD Athlon™ II X4 Processor / 6GB Memory / 750GB Hard Drive
My Son’s New Computer
Intel i7 Processor/8GB RAM/1.5TB Hard drive
My son transferred everything from my old computer into my new computer.
After the transfer, there was 640 GB space left on my hard drive.

Leno said, “Obama had 12 stitches in his lip, out of habit, he said, “It’s Bush’s fault”.”



Wolfman World View: DIRTY POOL

My New Dell Computer on the Left
My Old Dell Computer on the Right
I can use the old computer standing up

Dell Inspiron iM5030-3413B3D 15.6-Inch Laptop - 3D Black

Dell is a world wide company.
I had conversations with at least 2 people in India in the last 2 weeks. I also talked to 1 or more people in Canada.
I bought a new Dell desktop computer. I learned that software discs are no longer provided with the computer automatically. However, I did get them without any hassle.
Dell has a new setup where software can be downloaded from one of their web sites. The web site is loaded on the computer, and lasts for one year. It can be renewed each year for about $20. They try to persuade customers to upgrade to a more expensive web site for approximately $40. So, if you pay for the web sites for ten years, you pay $200 to $400 to be able to download software installed on your computer. The web sites also backup selected files on your computer.
Dell Microsoft McAfee
All three of these companies operate world wide.
McAfee Security was preinstalled on my new computer. It was free for about a week, and then you were urged to pay McAfee money to keep it.
So, one day before it was to expire, I tried to remove it from my hard drive. To make a long story short, I was unable to do so. An error message came up which said that the program could not be removed until McAfee had finished uninstalling. I left the computer set to give it time to uninstall. The message persisted even after 24 hours. I tried shutting the computer down. The computer crashed. A Blue Screen of Death came up repeatedly.
I sent an email to McAfee, because I was unable to talk to a real live person. It is too early to tell the results of that.
I called Dell. They wanted me to pay for support to remove McAfee. I refused. I would have formatted the hard drive before I would have paid for support.
My son is extremely talented with computers. He succeeded in removing McAfee at first. But when he left the computer, it crashed, and the Blue Screen of Death reappeared.
He worked some more, redeleted McAfee, and the computer started operating.
Security Software
So, now I need to install security software; right? Wrong.
My son told me about Windows Defender which is a default program in Windows 7. It is a part of, and is turned on by, Windows 7. No other security software is necessary. I checked my computer, and Windows control panel told me that Windows Defender was in fact turned on.
So tell me please, why did Dell install McAfee Security software on my computer? Why was I unaware that Windows Defender was a part of Windows 7? Did McAfee Security influence me to make a mistake? I’ll leave the questions about the behavior of the McAfee software to your thoughts.




By owlsview
New Power
There are a lot fewer deaf ears out there now than there were two years ago. Apathy is being replaced with anger and determination. The American voter has more power now than in decades. Consider that both parties just took a thumping in the recent election. Yes, both parties. There are many Republican incumbents or party picks who now finds himself on the outside looking in. Without President Obama this wouldn't have happened. His blatant attempts to force his Socialistic agenda down the American people's throat while they were struggling to survive served to make many more people want to become aware of what was really going on, not just on the hot button issues but in many areas of government often overlooked.
Don't Celebrate
Now when somebody says that something isn't important or just doesn't matter alarm bells go off. Why doesn't it matter? Who is it unimportant to? What are you trying to hide?
Many Americans have yet to realize this new found power that Obama has given to the citizens It really is only a small bit at this time, but it can be used and expanded. There is no cause for celebration however. Obama finds the need to convince people that he is changing his stripes as a chance of lulling us into a false sense of security, don't fall for it. In a move to show his willingness to listen and cooperate with Republicans he just announced a government wage freeze. The Republicans were going to do it anyway. Obama just wanted the headlines and a chance to touch up his image.
Over the weekend government entities seized and shut down several web sites. Hey they went after frauds and schemers nothing wrong with that is there? Not on the surface. They also set a precedent for unannounced seizing and government censorship on the web. Open a door under the disguise of good actions, then use that open door to exercise even more controls.

The Obama administration is still quite dangerous and must be watched even more closely these next two years. Scrutiny will give us even more power and better protection from a lame duck President with a dangerous agenda.
Many thanks to President Obama for the kicks in the gut and the slaps to the face. Stay on his ass people and his administration will become known for bringing change to our country. Restoration of the power of the people.
Even a bad President can do good things for his country.

42 Republicans are able to block Democrat Lame Ducks


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Republican Senators Says They'll Block Bills Until Tax Cuts Extended
Senate Republicans threatened Wednesday to block virtually all legislation until expiring tax cuts are extended and a bill is passed to fund the federal government, vastly complicating Democratic attempts to leave their own stamp on the final days of the post-election Congress.


Wolfman World View: WHO CAN YOU TRUST?



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I think there was a time, when the United States trusted Britain. We had reason to keep D day a secret. D day was successful.

Contrast the trust then, with the trust now. If you were Britain would you trust a United States President, who had Churchill’s bust removed from his office? Even after Britain requested that the bust be placed at a different location, like the Senate Capitol building, the request was ignored. [1]

[1] Google Dinesh D’Souza Churchill bust


Poland has had problems with interaction with the United States. There was a time when Poland viewed the United States as a model. I don’t think Poland trusts the United States like they did at one time. [2]

[2] Missile defense system in Poland scrapped


I just happen to correspond with a citizen of Norway. There has been a United States embassy spying scandal there. My own opinion is that the United States has been arrogant and condescending in their actions regarding the spying scandal. [3]

[3] Eric the Read


How about relations with Israel? Mixed messages have been sent. Netanyahu was snubbed, publicly and deliberately.[4]

[4] Google Netanyahu snubbed


Finally, I can understand how a person could become disillusioned with trust in these times.
My wife has a low threshold of trust, and I don't blame her.
I have been very fortunate; I trust my wife, to whom I have been married 57 years. Many years ago, I signed a document giving her general power of attorney. She could handle any business transaction on my behalf. The document is in effect to this day, as I write this. She would have been able to sell our house, take all money from everywhere and leave.
I jokingly said that I was considering taking away her power of attorney. She was devastated.
Generally, I trust everyone until they give me a reason not to. This has caused some problems, but it has not changed my mind.
I communicate with a man in Texas. I live in Arizona. I trust the man in Texas implicitly even though I have never met him physically. My wife has doubts; not for any particular reason, it's just her nature.

In God We Trust
Someone bigger than us is in charge. He will deal with those who can't be trusted!