Wolfman World View: “IT DOESN’T MATTER”

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Why the title “IT DOESN’T MATTER”? Things do matter, and the attitude that “it doesn’t matter” is destructive to society. This is true in the United States, and it is true in the world. It was destructive in the 1930’s and probably before that.
The idea of a super race was promoted. The mentally ill and the retarded disappeared, but it didn’t matter. Youth groups were formed, and people were killed because they were Jews, but it didn’t matter.
World Wide
Machiavelli had the idea that the end justifies the means. If you want to rob the rich, and give to the poor. That’s good. It doesn’t matter that it is illegal.
Tiananmen Square was a defiance of the government. Thousands were killed by the government. That doesn’t matter?
Presently Kim Jong Il is threatening the world. He has been backed by the Chinese so far. Both he and Iran are a nuclear threat. That doesn’t matter?
United States
Obama said, "If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period." A comment was made; “it doesn’t matter” that this has not happened.
It did matter to my brother’s wife and to many people who lost their Medicare Healthcare Advantage Plans.
My brother’s wife was denigrated even though she had no direct involvement in the article being discussed. “It doesn’t matter” was put into writing and published.
“I'm glad she lost her Medicare Advantage because it was a wasteful and inefficient use of precious health care expenditures.”  a Newsvine writer.
What happened to: "do unto others as you would have them do unto you?”
I thank Newsvine for the privilege of being able to publish these thoughts.
I’m thankful for the Internet, where these thoughts can be published in multiple places. This article will appear on Facebook, Twitter, Gretawire, Linkedin, Digg, my spaces web site, and my blogspot web site. I communicate with people all over the world, who read my articles. There are many, many search results picked up by robots of search engines.
I have had 6,000 page views on my Newsvine column in a month. Many other people view my articles on the sites mentioned above.
I’m thankful for Microsoft Word, Windows Live Writer, and the ability to publish.




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There was a Catholic bishop on Fox News this morning. He discussed the success of parochial schools.
Something like 90% of parochial students graduate from high school, and a high percentage of the students go on to college.
Why? He said it’s because these schools, unlike public schools, are accountable. If they do not produce, the students will not come.
Maybe someone greater than us is in charge.
Just before the bishop came on; Sarah Palin was on.
One of her points was; why do we have to be ashamed of the “manger scene”?
My point is; it is becoming more apparent in the United States that someone greater than us is in charge.
Tomorrow I will give thanks to God for his blessings.
Then I think about the world scene. It would seem to me that the God that I know is being usurped. Usurped by people who hate anyone who does not agree with their feigned religion. People who single out Jews as targets for their hatred. People who have demonstrated leaders gleefully participating in beheading. This is just a small sample of world actions.
Perhaps the feigned religion is not a religion at all. Perhaps it is a political movement.
I will give thanks tomorrow for only a limited exposure to what I call a feigned religion.
God is resurging in the United States, I pray that He will resurge world wide.



Public Domain

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In Biblical times Christ chased the money changers out of the temple.

Matthew 21:12-13 (King James Version)

12 And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves,

13 And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

FDR took the paper currency off the gold standard. The money could be redeemed for gold, but FDR made paper money just a piece of paper. For a while silver certificates could be redeemed for silver, but that was stopped.

I read about FDR setting gold prices. When he was asked about an increase in the price of gold, he quipped that he had “pulled the increase out of the air.”

The Federal Reserve

Now, we have Bernanke printing $600 billion. The paper currency is backed by nothing. How did he determine how much money to print? I submit that he could have “pulled it out of the air”.


Inflation is a current problem in China. Their investment in US securities is being reduced in value. The $600 billion printed by The Federal Reserve exacerbates China’s problems.

Chinese consumers are victims of inflation. I saw a picture of Chinese citizens buying poultry in a frantic attempt to avoid inflation. Some Chinese citizens may starve due to inflation.


Many other countries in the world have the same problem.

All citizens of the United States are suffering from inflated prices, reduction in sizes of consumer products, and more inflation is on the horizon.



Khalid Shaikh Mohammed after capture 
 [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons 

Obama announced that he was going to close the terrorist detention facility in Guantanamo Bay by January 1, 2010.
It has not happened.
A proposal was made to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in New York City.
It has not happened, and probably will not happen.
Holder made statements to the effect that civilian courts would find terrorists guilty.
There has been a civilian trial of a terrorist. He was nearly acquitted and set free.
Civilian Trial Fail: 280 Charges Against Gitmo Terrorist Thrown Out
Juror asks to be removed from ‘civilian trial’ of GITMO MUSLIM TERRORIST because of threats
Civilian courts did not find Ahmed Ghailani guilty of most charges in federal court in Manhattan.
Anyone who supports Obama and Holder because they are African American in these mistakes has an unacceptable reason.
Anyone who supports these mistakes because they are a Democrat has an unacceptable reason.
Bad behavior should be penalized, not rewarded, regardless of the color of your skin or your political affiliation.
Ultimately, your actions will help or destroy the country you live in.
The terrorists are encouraged by this spectacle.
God Bless America
In God We Trust
TS Join




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If you write a blog, comment on columns on the Internet, or comment on articles or seeds, your writing appears in several places.
On Newsvine, your comments are available in total on the web site. It’s interesting to see comments of one person all in one place.
Robots from search engines obtain information, which appear as search results. For example, I write about QE2. The robots pickup the information, and a search result is available about QE2 by me.
I found at least one person, who was unaware of this.
If you make nasty comments, they leave what I call a paper trail on the Internet. It is a digital record trail technically.
Over time a profile is built of individuals. The profile can be dignified, respectful, and honorable, if you are aware of what I just told you
I suggest you do a Google search of your handle, or a topic you have written about or commented on.




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Congress has recently thumbed their nose at We The People. The President has thumbed his nose at We The People. I would even say that the Supreme Court thumbed their nose at We The People in the Kelo case in New London, Connecticut.
I’ve heard the word small used in connection with elimination of earmarks. A change in earmark behavior may be small, but a change in attitude is large. The Senate Republicans oppose earmarks, the House opposes earmarks, and yes, even the President opposes earmarks. The next thing you know, we’ll hear that George Soros opposes earmarks.
I keep thinking about what the first astronaut said as he made his first step on the moon; "That's one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind." The one small step for earmarks; could lead to one giant leap to a changed attitude.
Lobbyists thrive on earmarks, and they will feel the “small step”. The Senators are feeling the “small step” by the House. The President has observed the “small step” in the recent elections. Even George Soros would be wise to consider the effect that the “small step” has taken upon his lavish spending to control current events, and profit at the expense of Joe Sixpack.
More: NBC News


Wolfman World View: QE2


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Obama says that he is not trying to devalue the dollar. Those are only words.
The reality is: The dollar has decreased in value by 15% since January 2010. It is highly likely that the dollar will decrease 20% more in coming months; not years.
Now, do you trust Obama?
Alan Greenspan
Alan Greenspan has publicly disagreed with Quantitative Easing; printing money.
    Greenspan: "America is also pursuing a policy of currency weakening. The suppression of the renminbi and the recent weakening of the dollar are, of necessity, producing firming exchange rates in the rest of the world to, as they see it, the rest of the world’s competitive disadvantage." Geithner: "The US will never do that. We will never seek to weaken our currency as a tool to gain competitive advantage or to grow the economy."
What is happening? Do Geithner’s words match the real life decline in the value of the dollar?
These two Democrats, Obama and Geithner, have no conscience or honor. They will say anything.
Soros is behind the whole scheme. Obama and Geithner are doing his bidding. Democrats are doing Soros’ bidding.
Soros is making tons of money as Obama and Giethner look on smiling.
Are you smiling?


Wolfman World View: G20

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I had a Norcold DC refrigerator in my truck. I could be turned down to freeze if desired. I had it for years, and I plugged it into the cigarette lighter. Hover over the link above to see display.

Thursday November 11, 2010

Unprecedented Grumbling

    The depths of South Korea's dissatisfaction became clear when President Lee Myung-bak was asked whether he feared the U.S. policy would result in an influx of "hot" money — large amounts of investors' cash flowing into Korea, risking an investment bubble and inflation. His answer, through a translator, might have been a joke, but a pointed one at that. "I think that kind of question should be asked to me when President Obama's not standing right next to me," Lee said. Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva had no such scruples; he said such policies would "bankrupt" the world. China, perhaps seeking to deflect attention from criticism of its own currency, has also weighed in; it said Washington "should not force others to take medicine for its own disease."


Friday November 12, 2010

The news this morning was that Obama is now in Japan.

The summary of the G20 was that, basically, nothing was accomplished.

The important thing to me was the printing of money. It was not discussed to any extent as near as I can tell.

Soros, Axelrod, and Obama concealed their attempts to reduce the value of the assets of Americans by up to 50%. Yes, the value of the dollar is going down. Nobody seems to care very much. If you have $100,000, soon, you will be able to buy 1/2 as much with it

The stock market is going up. People are pleased. The stocks will be worth twice as much as they are now, because it will take twice as many devalued dollars to buy the stocks. Obama, the deceiver, has succeeded. It appears that the American people are in ignorant bliss.

In the meantime, Soros is making a mint, and Obama and the Democrats are smiling.



Wolfman World View: PUBLICITY, G20, CHINA

  Wikimedia Commons.

See the Amazon Search Box in the right frame and down. You can search the whole Amazon Site.

I just read an article about QE2. Here’s an excerpt from that article.
    For US President Obama and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, the attack from Germany (which follows critiques from Brazil, China and others) is another reminder that the US enjoys neither the respect nor the status in global finance that it had barely three years.

Define QE2
QE2 is a weasel term. It is quantitative easing. It is printing money. It is supposed to help the economy with “stimulus”. More money is supposed to be available to borrowers. That in turn is supposed to stimulate the economy. The recent huge stimulus appears to be a monumental failure.  I checked TV search results for China, Australia, Canada, Germany, and Britain. I would say many countries are neutral toward QE2, except China and Germany. The neutral countries are leery of QE2  China and Germany are against it. There are a host of search results as recent as the last several days. This indicates to me that there is a lot of publicity. This is from an Internet search:
Could QE2 Cause the Fed to Go Broke?
‎ Seeking Alpha - Ed Dolan - 2 days ago G20 Obama steels for tough G20 su(P) – 37 minutes ago-9 PM MST November 10, 2010 Obama will be at odds with China, Germany, and South Korea, at the least, according to predictions. It is now 10: 30 PM Friday November 11, 2010 in Asia. If you don’t know what is going on; you should. The eyes of the world are on the G20. China It goes without saying that Hu Jintao will try to protect China’s huge investment in United States securities. Just as I as an individual feel that my savings and assets are being confiscated by Democrats and unions; China feels the same way. The stock market crash a few years back took a big chunk of my property. I blame risky mortgages for that debacle. I blame Barney Frank and others as principle Democrat players in promotion of risky mortgages. Now, the Democrats and unions are in a position to cause the loss of my property that remains now. China has done nothing to deserve confiscation of their property. Coming up I’m thinking about reporting on the G20 tomorrow.




President George W. Bush and Laura Bush attend service at Cua Bac Church and address the press afterwards in Hanoi, Vietnam

White House photo by Eric Draper

The Way It Was is not The Way it is Now


This is going to be a series of articles

  • I will try to give a world view
  • It is going to be about money, which is property in many respects
  • It is going to be about the United States, land that I love, China, and more.

The publicity given to QE2; priceless!


I’ll have more to say later, but the publicity is priceless.

Define QE2

QE2 is a weasel term. It is quantitative easing. It is printing money. It is supposed to help the economy with “stimulus”. More money is supposed to be available to borrowers. That in turn is supposed to stimulate the economy. The recent huge stimulus appears to be a monumental failure. 

My sense is that the masses do not realize the danger of printing money. I don't think the middle class has a clue that they are being raped. The rape has already begun; the value of the dollar has fallen since January 2010. The commodity prices are currently going up, and food and other product prices are in process of being raised. The price increases are imminent, and will take place by Christmas 2010.

  • Soros, Democrats, Obama, and Bernanke like printing money.


  • The masses learned the hard way, what Obama is.
  • They are about to get another lesson in how harmful to our country he can be.
  • The Democrats just got an attitude adjustment.
  • They are on tap to get another larger attitude adjustment.
  • They all seem to be happy campers while doing it.

Asian Tour

The Asian tour is being watched closely by the media. The media watching is the world media, which is not controlled by United States politics. The media coverage will not be a daily examination, it will go on for more than a week.

Obama, Democrats, China, the United States, will be in the spotlight. It will be on TV, Newspapers, on the Internet, and public discussions.

G 20

The Asian Tour is supposed to end with a meeting of the G-20. It should be interesting to follow.


I will elaborate on China, China's President Hu Jintao, their investment in the United States, Democrats, Obama, and more. 


I’ll have more to say later, but the publicity is priceless.



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I have a blogspot web site. It is listed in my bio on my column.
When I went to the blogspot web site, the web page came up briefly and then a blank initialize screen came up. Then a “message from webpage came up. 

The web site was effectively shut down. All you could get was a brief glance at the site and then the above pop-up was initialized.
Blogspot frowns on infected web sites, which is very understandable.
I went to Microsoft and Blogger for help. Microsoft basically told me to run Malware programs, which I did.
  • I ran AVG
  • I ran Spybot Search and Destroy
  • I ran Microsoft One Care
  • And I ran Malicious Software Removal Tool
They found minor threats, but not the one causing the pop-up.
I began to thinking the Malware was in the HTML on the blogspot web site.
I deleted all my articles, all comments, and all text everywhere. I tested anything else that remained, and found nothing.
I decided that the Malware was not in the blogspot web site.
I decided to check the blogspot website once more, and when I did an AVG alert came up. The AVG alert identified the URL of the Malware, which was different at every check. The one common piece of information pointed to Internet Explorer.exe and differing process numbers.
The odd thing is; AVG alerted the Malware when going to blogspot, but it didn’t find it in Internet Explorer. The information it provided at blogspot was invaluable and pointed to Internet Explorer.
I slept on the information and decided that instead of trying to do something to the Internet Explorer processes; I would just take Internet Explorer out . I downloaded Firefox, and removed Internet Explorer. I could have imported stuff from Internet Explorer to Firefox, but decided to steer clear of anything from Internet Explorer.
The pop-up quit coming up. The wicked witch was dead!
Here’s some information from Microsoft, which I received:
  • Sunday, November 07, 2010 9:01 PMclip_image001tech32 clip_image002clip_image002[1]clip_image002[2]clip_image002[3]clip_image002[4]
this is a common scam that says your computer is infected with malware
if you click anything it will infect you with rouge antivirus
to stop it press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to launch task manager. then go to the processes tab and end anything named iexplore.exe or firefox.exe.
this will force all internet browsers to close then open them up again and do not restore your browsing session
Need Help with Forums? (FAQ)

I wouldn’t wish this experience on anyone.


Wolfman Report: Lack of Knowledge Equals Destroyer

800px-Bill_Ayers commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Bill_Ayers.jpg byThomas Good / NLN
Bill Ayers
Bill Ayers probably wrote “Dreams of my Father”

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Business Knowledge
Donald Trump has knowledge and experience in business. He has been successful.
Obama has knowledge and experience in community organizing. The November 2, 2010 elections confirm Obama is inferior in that field.
In spite of an inferior status in community organizing; Obama recklessly and arbitrarily makes government business decisions as if he was an expert.
The chickens are coming home to roost. Obama turned out to be the destroyer, that he is, at Solyndra.
You can’t just look at Obama in the present to analyze him. You must look to the past.
He proclaimed himself to be a citizen of the world in Berlin with an outpouring of admiration by the crowd.
It turns out that he is a product of Kenya, a backward nation, with tribal leaders. His father was a despicable tribal leader, who Obama emulates.
Bill Ayers is probably the author of Obama’s book “Dreams of my Father”. He pretends that he is the author.
Obama’s Solyndra Visit
Solyndra is a plant in Fremont, California, which produces solar panels. They are a union plant, which is part of the reason Solyndra can’t compete.
Obama visited the plant May 26, 2010. The union workers were sent home without pay on that day.
The United States government made a $535 million federal loan guarantee to Solyndra.
The Chickens Have Come Home to Roost
A solar technology manufacturer is cutting jobs in response to Chinese competition, reports Todd Woody: "The cost-cutting move, which will reduce the company’s previously announced production capacity, is a sign of the notable shift in the prospects for cutting-edge American solar companies, which now face intense price competition from Chinese manufacturers that use more established photovoltaic technologies. Just seven weeks ago, Solyndra opened Fab 2, a $733 million factory in Fremont, Calif., to make its high-tech solar panels. The new plant was supposed to be the first phase of a rapid expansion of the company. Instead, Solyndra has decided to shutter the old plant and postpone plans to expand Fab 2, which was built with a $535 million federal loan guarantee."
Obama the Destroyer Must Be Held Accountable
We all know too well what Obama is capable of doing.




Gecko Foot On Glass

These filters are about $8 each which is cheaper than WalMart
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There is a gecko that eats bugs on my window screen almost every night. His name is Bugsy Siegal. Anthony named him after the Chicago gangster. He arrives at about 8:15 PM and leaves before 9:30 PM. He doesn’t like any movement near him. If there is movement, he leaves.
He sat stationary in one spot, while he was eating, for a month or so. Lately he has been moving and going after bugs nearby. I’d guess I became aware of him about 3 months ago.
My son had two geckos some years ago. They were what is called crested geckos. They look similar to miniature dinosaurs.
He kept them in a waterless glass aquarium with a lid on it. One of them got sick and died. The other one lived 3 or 4 years. He said they would bite, if they felt threatened. But, he said their bites didn’t hurt.
He fed them crickets; and baby food on occasion. He would feed them baby food on his finger, and they would lick the baby food off of his finger.
He bought them on the Internet. I saw one for sale for $90 on the Internet. They are shipped overnight and the shipping is $46.
The tail of a female gecko is shaped like an hour glass; the male’s tail isn’t.
  • Geckos make chirping sounds.
  • They can walk on the ceiling. They have thousands of tiny hairs on their foot pads, which makes it possible.
  • Females can reproduce without a male.
  • They can see in color in low light.
  • Some of them change colors.